Established under the name PT. DACCOM ANUGERAHMULYA in 1988, and developed our first generation DOS based hotel system, under the brand name of ParHIS.


A new company then formed, under the name of PT. MYOHDOTCOM Indonesia, Tbk, and publicity listed in July 2000, with carrying product from PT. DACCOM ANUGERAHMULYA, which then become of the shareholders with 33% ownership from the total shares.


The company then released the second generation windows based hospitality software, under the brand name of BITS software then later known as MYOH hotel software.


The DOTCOM name was associated with portal company business and could be misleading. In order to give the right impression as an IT Developer company, then in 2004 the company name was changed to PT. MYOH Technology Tbk.

2011 - Present

In the year of 2011, the company saw another opportunity in the coalmine operation industry, then the business was divided into two lines. Coal mining and IT Hotel industry.

In order to concentrate on the original business, that is the hospitality Information Technology, then all the business related to the Hospitality industry then transferred and continued by a new company which is PT PYXIS ULTIMATE SOLUTION that was established on June 2011, by purchasing MYOH's asset and obligation on August 2011.

PYXIS continue the original business line of MYOH as IT developer company and take over services of all MYOH's customers.

Now with the third generation Hybrid technology, PYXIS empowering the hospitality industry with smart Information Technology Solutions